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Green Smoothie Girl

GreenSmoothieGirl (Robyn Openshaw) is traveling world promoting whole foods. The center piece of her work is the "the green smoothie." A green smoothie contains leafy greens and vegetables. It is basically a liquified salad (without the high calorie dressing).

Doctors have long extolled the virtues of vegetables, but have been unable to convince people to change their diet. The magic of the gree smoothie is that that smoothie provides an easy to implement and fun tool for consuming whole foods.

GreenSmoothieGirl gives about 50 presentations a year on how to use green smoothies in transition from a processed to whole foods diet. She also has a class called a "Medicine Cabinet Makeover" that replaces pharmaceuticals with dietary changes.

I attended a free class at the South Towne Exposition Center and was pleased with both the presentation, the turn and the free smoothie sample.

Grinding up vegetables into a smoothie requires a powerful blender. GreenSmoothieGirl likes BlendTec blenders.

Ms. Openshaw has published a variety of books on the smoothie diet including The Adventures of Junk Food Dude who tastes whole foods for the first time in his life when meeting a smoothie eating friend.

YouTube Video

The video below is an interview with Dr. Contreras an integrative oncologist.

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