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Stock Image @ Rich Legg

LeggNet's Digital Capture

LeggNet's Digital Capture features an entertaining stream of photography and photo tips by Rich Legg. Photopreneur describes Rich Legg as a successful amateur photographer. Rich's photo blog includes posts about the local photography scene, photowalks, and related activities. My favorite posts are the "behind the scene" features that show the photographer in action.

Mr. Legg offers a selection of microstock photos for use by web developers on

I have to admit, I am quite jealous of Mr. Legg. Somehow he has managed to cajole a young super model into donning a chef's hat and cooking dinner for him.

Microstock allows you to purchase images for inclusion on web pages for an extremely low price. I purchased the right to use the photo on this page for 1 credit ($1.40). The price of credits depends on the number of credits you purchase.

I am fan of Microstock because it allows talent challenged web programmers, like me, to include quality images on my sites for a reasonable price while providing extra income for talented photographers. Adding an image to a page can really spruce up a site. I placed another of Rich Legg's creations on a page hawking gifts.

If you are simply in the mood to look at pictures, you will enjoy Rich Legg's gallery. You can follow Rich Legg on twitter.

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