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Winder Farms

Winder Dairy has been delivering fresh organic food to Utah households since long before the word "organic" came in vogue. The dairy was established in 1880, and the slogan "farm fresh goodness" seems to still aptly describe the product.

If you commute to work early in the mornings, you've probably seen the distinctive box shaped yellow and white Winder Trucks making the rounds from house to house.

The way the product works is a family signs up for a standing delivery to come once a week. The family receives a special cooler that they place on the porch. Winder Dairy fills the order on the scheduled delivery day.

Families that subscribe to the service can change their order on the site Winder Farms.

In addition to milk and dairy products Winder Farms offers a variety of foods from lettuce, fruit and meat to cookie dough and fresh Mexican style foods.

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