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Redman Van and Storage

Redman Record Storage

I am giving Redman Van and Storage simply because I like the politically incorrect 1910 logo on their records warehouse just west of the Gateway Plaza. It used to be common for companies to build in statues and other items of interest into their buildings facade. The statuary, of course, was part of the investment in the building. When you are signing a contract with a storage company, it is nice to know that they have staying power. Redman Storage has managed to stay around for 100 years.

Redman Record Storage

The building has about a half dozen of these smaller indian statues on the first floor. I just realized that this statue is missing its outstretched hand.

Redman storage is an example of how just a little extra attention to design can help give a company staying power. The storage warehouse is dated 1910. The web site claims the company is over 100 years old.

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