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Tree Utah

Jordan River Parkway

Tree Utah is hosting the Bend In the River event, which involves civic improvements such as planting trees and shrubs. Many of the events will take place at the Jordan River Ecological Restoration Site.

The site has information on Draught Tolerant trees. I wish there was more coverage of Native Utah variety of trees. The Russian Olive was once considered a great draught tolerant tree ... until people recognized it as an invasive weed. The same is true of the Tamarisk.

The before and after page shows several successful tree plantings.

The site also includes directions on how to apply for a planting project.

IMHO, tree planting is something that requires a great deal of thought and planning. When you plant the wrong type of tree or plant it in the wrong, you may end up creating a net negative for the environment as the tree requires care throughout its lifecycle.

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