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Robert Lund

Having spent years wandering through Utah, the conclusion is simple: This all must be some sort of sick joke. Robert Lund is a local musician trying to help people get the punch line. Mr. Lund has dedicated his talents to the art of parody. Recording for Citadel, Mr. Lund has put together an impressive collection of parody CDs. His latest release is "Workin' Glory" which includes smashed hits like Give A Talk At The Fireside, Man! I Feel Like A Mormon! and Living in the Maternity Ward.

In the holiday spirit, Mr. Lund's most notable contribution is a collection called Elves Gone Wild that features hits like Nuttin' but Spam and Ding, Fries are done.

Robert Lund's work is also splattered all over a site called Spaff has the lyrics to the music ... for those who like to sing along.

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