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The new Megaplex Theatres are owned by Larry H. Miller. The theatres are located in the Gateway Mall. This is the last stop on inbound Trax!!!! Yes, you can take Trax to the theatre and save the hassles of parking. The LHM group also owns a theatre way out in Sandy.

The web site deserves mention since you can buy your movie tickets online. This is especially convenient when you want to see a popular show.

I watched the Lord of the Rings: Retunr of the King at the Megaplex. Since the show was just released, I was worried that it would be sold out. I bought my ticket online...assuring my seat. While the ushers were turning late arrivals away, I simply went up to the kiosk. Inserted my credit card in the machine and picked up my ticket.

This is a great use of the web.

As for the theatre itself. I simply must confess that I am not an expert on such things. I must admit, the Return of the King is the last movie I've seen in the theater. It is first movie I've seen since The Two Towers which was the first flick I had seen since The Fellowship of the Ring. I found the seats at the new Megaplex Theatre to be quite comfortable, the theatre was clean and it was an overall pleasant experience.

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