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Who should pay the cost of employee recruitment? Should it be the employee, who has the most most to gain by finding work? Should it be the employer, who will end up making a return on the employee's labor? Or, should it be the state?

Fetch Jobs!  Good Dog! People have asked me why I don't feature the official Utah Department of Workforce Services Job board more prominantly on the site. The site has a ton of things going for it:

There really is no reason for any other employment services to exist.

The reason for my insanity is that I like the underdogs. Being perpetually unemployed myself, I've learned to appreciate the hard work on the part of all the small recruiting companies in the valley. Finding the right career is the most difficult challenge for most people. It is a decision that I think should be left to the free market.

Yeah, if I want to be truthful, I would say go to first. That is where you will have your best luck finding employment in the Salt Lake Valley. But, I am a 40 year old coder. There are not tech jobs calling for I might need to go into marketing and learn how to carefully mask the truth.

As you see, I put an ad for a private job advertisement service on the review for I am learning. Slowly, but I am learning.

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