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Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction snags the site of the day mention because of the extra details the company adds to its many construction projects. One of the most notable contributions is the Olympic Art concrete inlay on the Bangerter Overpass on I15.

For those unfamiliar with the layout of the valley, Bangerter Highway branches off I15 in Draper, a few miles north of Point of the Mountain. The highway runs through the western reaches of the Valley. In many ways the Bangerter Overpass is a gateway to Salt Lake City. The extra details on this overpass welcomes visitors to a world class city.

As I understand, the artwork was a contribution from the constuction company to the city. It was not a tax boondoggle like all the freeway walls. This web site happens to be owned by someone who appreciates when construction firms throw in the extra effort in the appearance of their works.

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