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Kmart [Category: Department]
Offering quality goods at a low price, Kmart is a leading discount on and offline. The Big K has everything from clothes to electronics, sporting goods and jewelry. There are shops throughout the Salt Lake Valley.

Knead a Massage [Category: Massage]
Knead a Massage offers therapeutic massages in Salt Lake and Park City.

Kneaders Bakery [Category: Bakeries / Delis]
Kneaders Bakery offers hearth bread, smoothies, catering, gift baskets and fresh food.

Knight Construction Group, Inc. [Category: Construction]
Knight Construction Group, Inc., a full-service commercial general contractor, has been building in Utah and surrounding states since 1968.

Knucklehead Guitar Strings [Category: Music Stores]
The KnuckleHeads Manufacture quality strings for musical instruments.

Kodiak Cakes [Category: Food]
Kodiak Cakes creates pancake mixes and syrups.

Kodiak Flex Bow Tents [Category: Sporting Goods]
Kodiak Flex Bow Tents sell most Kodiak Canvas Tent Products. Products, specs, images, videos, questions and answers on site. Low price guarantee for most tents.

Kohl's [Category: Department]
Kohl's is a rapidly expanding chain of department stores with locations in Brickyard, WVC, West Jordan, Riverton and more.

The Komrades [Category: Food Trucks]
Believing in "Food for the People" The Komrades bring street eats to Salt Lake. [Category: Apparel]
Koo d Ker is a boutique for women.

Korr [Category: Bio Tech]
Korr develops Spirometry and Metabolic Testing Equipment for fitness assessment. The technology is used in the medical professions along with fitness trainers and in weight loss programs.

The Krew [Category: Bands]
The Krew is a Southern Rock/Country band from Salt Lake. The review has the scoop on a Kickstarter Campaign the band is running in conjunction with their latest recordings.

Kristi Grussendorf [Category: Artists]
Site features the art of Kristi Grussendorf.

Kroger Company - Jobs [Category: Job Pages]
Kroger operates Fred Meyers and Smith's Foodking. The site has positions for all occupations related to groceries and retail including Information Systems, Management and Retail work.

The Kura Door [Category: Yoga / Martial Arts]
The Kura Door is a holistic Japaness spa located at 1136 3rd avenue.

Kurb-It: [Category: Landscape]
Kurb It offers Landscaping, Curbing, Fencing, and More!

Kurt Bestor [Category: Musicians]
Kurt Bestor is a composer who has developed several film scores, television themes and is noted for innovative Christmas Carols.

KÜHL [Category: Apparel]
KÜHL is a company of outdoor enthusiasts that designs durable outdoor gear including the Alf Hat, winter jackets and a sweet selection of apparel for men and women.

ktdata [Category: Technology]
ktdata produces video casts that follow crowd funded projects, technology and all things geek. Projects include the KickCast which you can see on the "review" page.

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