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Kirkham's Outdoor Products [Category: Sporting Goods]
From tents to climbing equipment, from camping accessories to technical clothing and sportswear, Kirkham's has been serving the outdoor enthusiast for over 50 years

Kirton McConkie [Category: Lawyers]
Kirton McConkie is a Salt Lake based law firm.

Klancy de Nevers [Category: Authors]
Klancy de Nevers is a Salt Lake Writer. Recent works include The Colonel and the Pacifist.

Klay Anderson Audio [Category: Music Stores]
Klay Anderson sells professional audio gear for studios, commercial installations and the serious audio engineer.

Klingler & Associates - Utah CPA's [Category: Accounting]
Utah CPA's, Expert Tax Preparation, Timely Bookkeeping, Accurate Payroll, Tax Resolution, Surprisingly Affordable.

Knead a Massage [Category: Massage]
Knead a Massage offers therapeutic massages in Salt Lake and Park City.

Kneaders Bakery [Category: Bakeries / Delis]
Kneaders Bakery offers hearth bread, smoothies, catering, gift baskets and fresh food.

Knight Construction Group, Inc. [Category: Construction]
Knight Construction Group, Inc., a full-service commercial general contractor, has been building in Utah and surrounding states since 1968.

Knucklehead Guitar Strings [Category: Music Stores]
The KnuckleHeads Manufacture quality strings for musical instruments.

Kodiak Cakes [Category: Food]
Kodiak Cakes creates pancake mixes and syrups.

Kodiak Flex Bow Tents [Category: Sporting Goods]
Kodiak Flex Bow Tents sell most Kodiak Canvas Tent Products. Products, specs, images, videos, questions and answers on site. Low price guarantee for most tents.

Kohl's [Category: Department]
Kohl's is a rapidly expanding chain of department stores with locations in Brickyard, WVC, West Jordan, Riverton and more.

The Komrades [Category: Food Trucks]
Believing in "Food for the People" The Komrades bring street eats to Salt Lake. [Category: Apparel]
Koo d Ker is a boutique for women.

Korr [Category: Bio Tech]
Korr develops Spirometry and Metabolic Testing Equipment for fitness assessment. The technology is used in the medical professions along with fitness trainers and in weight loss programs.

Kramer Family Funeral Home And Cremation [Category: Funeral Services]
Kramer Family Funeral Home is located at 2500 S. Decker Lake Boulevard in WVC.

The Krew [Category: Bands]
The Krew is a Southern Rock/Country band from Salt Lake. The review has the scoop on a Kickstarter Campaign the band is running in conjunction with their latest recordings.

Kristi Grussendorf [Category: Artists]
Site features the art of Kristi Grussendorf.

Kroger Company - Jobs [Category: Job Pages]
Kroger operates Fred Meyers and Smith's Foodking. The site has positions for all occupations related to groceries and retail including Information Systems, Management and Retail work.

The Kura Door [Category: Yoga / Martial Arts]
The Kura Door is a holistic Japaness spa located at 1136 3rd avenue.

Kurb-It: [Category: Landscape]
Kurb It offers Landscaping, Curbing, Fencing, and More!

Kurt Bestor [Category: Musicians]
Kurt Bestor is a composer who has developed several film scores, television themes and is noted for innovative Christmas Carols.

KÜHL [Category: Apparel]
KÜHL is a company of outdoor enthusiasts that designs durable outdoor gear including the Alf Hat, winter jackets and a sweet selection of apparel for men and women.

ktdata [Category: Technology]
ktdata produces video casts that follow crowd funded projects, technology and all things geek. Projects include the KickCast which you can see on the "review" page.

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