Welcome to Salt Lake Sites
MISSION: To promote independent web development and online community services in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Welcome to Salt Lake Sites. This is a manually edited directory and open calendar for the Greater Salt Lake Metropolitan area. If your organization is in Salt Lake, feel free to add your links. To add a link: Navigate to a good spot in the directory, the press the "Add Link" link. The form will ask your your web address, site name and a description.

There is no charge for adding links or adding calendar events. Your help in making this the best directory for the Salt Lake web scene is greatly appreciated.

If you would like your own group calendar, email me at kevind(at)slSites.com. If you don't have a web page and would like one. Email me. I can get you set up for a great price.

I am helping develop some other community sites, you can see the list at Community Color dot com.

This web site is a sole proprietorship. I wrote the program from scratch using PHP/MySQL. If you are interested in programming, you can read the Documentation for the site.

Company Information

Salt Lake Sites is basically a non-commercial hobby type set up. There are a few clearly marked sponsors that pay commissions on sales. I may experiment with other ads (like the display to the right). I am making an effort to keep the ads well marked.

I am hosting several other sites that you may find of interest. I posted picture of Salt Lake and the Olympic on ProtoPhoto.com. You can read scifi stories. I am helpling publish The Roots of Sound Rational Thinking by Virgina Vallee. My next grand project is an online reading database at y-intercept.com. I hope to turn y-intercept into a tool students could use to improve their reading skills.

Thank you for stopping by, sincerely, owner, CEO, el presidente and programming stiff
Kevin Delaney